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Activated carbon filters

Activated carbon filters

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There is a so-called American standard (PM) for determining air pollution according to the size of the dust particles found in it. PM10 is taken as the limit value, where the inhaled particles partially reach the lungs, since the filtering by the nasal cavity is not sufficient for particles below 10 microns in size. Wearing a filter helps protect particles of size PM2.5

Instructions for use:
- Remove one filter from the packet and place it in a V-shape slightly folded into the mask, no matter which direction.
- Use until you feel a decrease in airflow, or after 70-90 hours of use, then replace with a new one.
- Attention! The filter cannot be washed, ironed, boiled or burned!
- Store in a dry and well-ventilated place, until the expiration date indicated (up to 90 hours)

Each filter is 5-layer, 12cm/8cm in size, and its material contains activated carbon.

- Two outer layers of anti-static fabric
- Two inner layers of effectively filtering fabric
- One layer (middle) of activated carbon

The filter is not washable. Repeated use - 15-20 days (70-90 hours of use)

Date of production: 10.01.2021

THREE sets

> 3 pcs - pack for BGN 9.99

> 5 pcs - packaging for BGN 15.90

> 10 pcs - packaging for BGN 29.90

Country of origin China.

CE certified product

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