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Set of masks - Light-Grey

Set of masks - Light-Grey

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  • КОД : XMAS2023
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Set of reusable masks

Set of (3pcs) , (6pcs) -> Select from the drop down menu.

✅ It is suitable for people with glasses, it does not fog up the glasses.

✅ Does not cause allergies, does not irritate the skin (dermatologically tested product)

✅ No discomfort during daily use.

✅ Easy maintenance and quick drying.

✅ After washing, ready for use within 5 min.

Product information
What is porous filter technology?
Two proprietary technologies create a porous polyurethane material (open microscopic holes). This technology enables highly efficient filtration.

1. Technology
The constituent polyurethane material forms the ideal density and size to capture dust-sized particles. In addition, the use of a 3-D mesh structure allows the blocking of 99% of dust particles, dirty air, pollen, etc.

2. Is it easy to breathe through this type of mask?
The mask and the material from which it is made, makes possible the incredible air permeability that is usually seen in the polyurethane material. The mask is not neoprene** The material is polyurethane.

3. Size and product information
The mask fits tightly on the face, the size is unisex (one size) suitable for both women and men. Extremely light and comfortable. It does not cause allergies, does not irritate the skin and does not cause discomfort in the area around the ear, which is often observed with masks.

4. Care
It is mandatory to clean the mask every night with soap, cleaning is done only by hand.

5. This mask is not a medical product and is not part of the pharmacy network**

**It is recommended that masks are worn with an activated carbon filter**

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